How To Level A Yard to Prevent Water Damage

How to grade a yard . The earth should slope away from your house by two or three inches every ten feet. A lawn's maximum slope should be twelve inches per four feet. You should prepare to create a low retaining wall or cover the slope with attractive grass if the drop is over 12 inches. Small earthmoving equipment can be rented or purchased for minor grading issues. Yard grading is useful if you have standing water in your yard. Proper grading may keep water away from your property, preventing floods and other foundation difficulties. In my situation, the slope of the yard towards the house was a worry. I wanted to fix this as soon as possible. We almost buried the basement window! But happily, it's fixable. We bought a window well and wrapped it in a half-moon form. In spite of the fact that it is currently at ground level, the well works as a retaining wall. And, because it's a half moon, there's still room for sunshine! Yard grading sounds daunting and difficult, bu

Top Rated Manual Lawn Aerator

A tow behind core aerator manual soil aerator operate by using hollow tines to penetrate the lawn and manual grass aerator manual aerating utilize coring method to remove plugs of soil as well as thatch from the lawn which allows water, nutrients and air to achieve the roots. A tow behind spike aerator best manual core aerator manual grass aerator on the hand aerator use sharp solid tines to poke holes into the soil as you pull it through the lawn. It’s mid February as i write this article and hand lawn aerator manual lawn aerator most of the Northern Hemisphere is currently blanketed in snow. While shovelling snow, several homeowners are fondly remembering the lush inexperienced grass of summer. Well, with spring simply around the corner, it’s time to begin thinking of lawn care. Any additional than one/two" of thatch can be harmful though — it prevents the roots from establishing themselves by making such a thick layer that your grass lands up rooting within the that